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TWorking on some of the rarest and most exotic cars of all time, has led to us having one of the best equipped workshops in the business. Finding at times the unavailability or unserviceable of parts we have equipped ourselves to be able to; repair, reproduce or re-engineer new components, from small fabricated brackets to a complete car.

Using our ex BRM chassis jig and iron surface table we are able to carry out any fabrication work or chassis work from, vintage ladder chassis such as Alfa Romeo 2300 Monza through to full space frames Ferrari P4. We can also accommodate monocoque chassis. Since the early 1980s we have been producing many oval tube sections as used on the majority of Ferrari and Maserati chassis from the 125 Ferrari through to the F40. We can produce obsolete or specialist oval or streamlined sections to your requirements.

• Welding , tig , gas, brazing , nickel bronze and mig • Shearing, folding, pressing, louvering ect • Specialist Oval / Streamline tube • Jigging / Fixtures • Chassis building / repair • Milling, turning, surface grinding, boring and honing ect • Cylinder head porting and gas flowing • Cylinder head valve seats, cutting and replacement

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